Social media, Sotheby’s and LFW

Every day I’m encouraged and excited by the new access that digital technology allows us. At MSL we have an expert team who use social networking to build and refresh conventional, face-to-face networks. In those ways we create and respond to the fashion world and beyond. Accessibility to new ideas is essential to the development of emerging designers and artists everywhere and of course, to established creative people. Earlier this week I visited Sotheby’s for a meeting with the Chairman. I walked into a welcoming building with friendly staff at Sotheby’s on Bond Street. The Contemporary Art Day auction that day included Pop Art classics and many notable contemporary artists from the 50s through to today, including an early Anthony Gormley figure constructed of ball bearings. The wealth of colour, materials and textures was something very special for me to take away and stayed in my mind.

The MSL team has a strong presence at the upcoming London Fashion Week and you will read our first hand accounts here, but I was intrigued by the insight that the Sotheby’s auction provided, of the journeys that artists make. Emerging fashion designers need the exposure and challenges that LFW presents to the world from London. The British Fashion Council has a digital policy that will stream 37 LFW shows live, provide video highlights from Somerset House and a tweet feed from @LondonFashionWk, with screens at London Underground stations and the 32m Landmark screen at Piccadilly Circus. This showcase, especially for young designers is a powerful demonstration of a new global digital fashion landscape. Most particularly it demonstrates that a luxury market is for everyone and not restricted to those with exclusive access. All designers need this kind of exposure, for buyers of fashion it brings the real opportunity of chance encounters, just as the Sotheby’s contemporary auction and catalogues on your iPad bring new exposure to great contemporary artists. With investment in social media we can project a confident image into the world and expand the expectations of our emerging talent.

Try to catch a live streamed experience of LFW at a tube station on your way home and come back to MSL online and on Twitter to hear about our first hand encounters with designers.

Maggie Semple

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