“Tennis is not just a game, it is a beautiful performance, and it has always been in fashion,” – David Koma. This quote summarizes Wimbledon perfectly. Together with the numerous matches, sets and games played and the trialing emotions experienced by the players and crowds, the courts of Wimbledon became a catwalk as players kept to tradition, dressing in designer sportswear.

Fashion and Wimbledon have been synonymous for longer than one might expect. Going right back to 1949, “Gorgeous Gussie” Moran was the first woman to fuse tennis with fashion and cause a reaction. Known for challenging the rules of Wimbledon uniform by attempting to introduce colour, Gussie found the 19th century ‘white rule’ did not have to be staple, and took to the courts in a frilly under-dress piece designed by Ted Tinling.

The history of Wimbledon includes many desirable fashion names and styles and Wimbledon 2012 was no exception. Although there were no controversies this year, the male and female competitors, as well as the linesmen and umpires, fashioned some of the top sportswear designs.

Serena, one half of the undefeated Williams sisters, wore a Nike dress teamed with a purple sweatbands and undergarments to keep on trend whilst sister Venus fashioned a classic sportswear dress from her own collection, eleVen. Ralph Lauren was also trending on the courts of Wimbledon. As major sponsors of the Wimbledon tennis competition since 2006, each ball boy and girl, umpire and linesman was dressed head to toe in the smart and classic, Ralph Lauren attire.

So whether your an avid tennis follower or not, there is definitely another reason to keep your eyes peeled at Wimbledon. For all you lovers of fashion, Wimbledon tennis wear will always go hand in hand with the top sports labels and with the Olympics looming, we can’t wait to see how the Stella McCartney range will sit on the great British athletes.

By Marni Banks


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