Here at MSL we are taking it in turns to announce and celebrate our ultimate style crush. This week it’s my turn and when it came to choosing, there was only one woman I could ever write about – the queen of blazers, Rachel Bilson. My love for her style started when Bilson played the role of petite, yet feisty, Summer Roberts in the hit TV drama, The O.C. Driving 4×4’s round the luxurious Orange County coast and maxing credit cards on a daily basis, Rachel’s character was dressed in clothes that were to die for. Since the series ended however, Rachel’s style has remained in the spotlight due to her own impeccable fashion sense.

Rachel’s style is casual and contemporary, fitting in with her L.A lifestyle, yet her relationship with her wardrobe is not too dissimilar to ours. We all have a favourite item that we like to wear time and time again. Be it a bag, scarf or dress, there is always that one item that seems to go with everything; it is timeless. For Rachel, this has to be the blazer. Day or night, Rachel knows how to team a blazer with any outfit for any occasion, maintaining a flawless tailored look on.

Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe is filled with a range of blazers, one for every occasion, mood and weather. Teaming almost every outfit with either a classic black blazer or a colourful trendy tailored jacket, Rachel’s fashion sense is chic, practical and definitely one to look to whenever in need of some style inspiration.

Furthermore, achieving great style is not just about getting the clothes right. For me, for someone to have an admirable sense of style, they must have perfected everything from the beguiling accessories, to the way their hair falls, and Rachel Bilson does it all without fail. Without looking like she has sat in make-up for 2 hours, Rachel always completes an outfit with a hairstyle, which is low maintenance yet stunning. Casually pinning some of her hair back in a ponytail, or braiding it loosely to one side, Rachel’s chic and simple hair choices give more room for her accessories to showcase themselves, creating the perfect finishing touch to her outfit. Essentially, there are many reasons why Rachel’s style will always be pinned on my inspiration board and when looking at her wardrobe, I hope you too, can see why.

By Marni Banks


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