A few years ago I talked to John Bird the founder of The Big Issue magazine about business luck. He was adamant at that time that luck didn’t just happen. For him it was a combination of planning and insight. I mention luck as during this last month I have had nothing but a series of occurrences that I can only put down to lucky coincidences – being in the right place at the right time with something of interest to others.

Imagine this. I am in the gym doing an intensive workout on the treadmill, rowing machine, TRX strap and weights. As I move quickly from one machine to another, a woman sidled up to me to say that she loved my article in the latest Jigsaw magazine. If you haven’t seen it, their Style and Truth magazine is the second that they have produced. My interview is all about what drives me in my fashion business decisions. As we drank cool water at the end of a gruelling hour, I found out that my gym woman is a fashion buyer at a major department store and that she was truly fascinated with what I was up to you.  


Maggie in Jigsaw’s latest issue of Style and Truth

Another lucky occasion was a chance meeting with someone, who knew someone, that led to a meeting with the Editor of the Sunday Times Style Magazine. It was during our lunch that we found out that we had so many things in common. That our paths had crossed when we didn’t know each other, and that my fascination with embedding technology into dresses was of great interest to her also. 

While I don’t think you can build a business solely on luck, it certainly helps not to dismiss its possibilities. 


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