I’m often struck by the completely absurd and horrific children’s clothes I stumble across in shops or whilst browsing social media. Let me tell all parents everywhere that putting your child or your baby in a full blown football kit is the definition of not OK, neither is it cute to let them dress themselves, especially if they reach for  Spiderman trainers or a migraine inducing pink “mummy’s little princess” t-shirt. But it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to kids clothing, we’re talking Dr.Martens, bow ties, ripped jeans, hats and fabulous jackets – welcome to the stylish kids generation. But don’t worry, these kids can still kick it with their friends, a well-dressed kid can still play just as hard, even if they do have tens of thousands of Instagram followers.


Images: Laerta’s Instagram – @fashion_laerta

During my time working for Next while I was in college, I used to make myself look busy by sorting and admiring all of the gorgeous kid’s clothes, imagining what I’d dress my children in. I must have either been really good at making myself look busy, or I looked insane as I don’t remember ever really being bothered by customers. But with the changing seasons came a change in the store’s clothing range and my imaginary kid’s fictional wardrobe would need an overhaul. My fantasy family was expanding, I started thinking about it outside of work, and nowadays with so many social media platforms and blogs it’s easy to get inspiration and kids these days sure are doing that!


Images: Gavin’s Instagram – @gavinduh

I’ve never been a massive fan of shopping, I hate the crowds, I hate queuing and what I hate the most is having to rifle through rails to find what you want – online shopping is so much easier, this is why I think that when on the odd occasion I do go out shopping I’m surprised by how much kid’s clothing has changed since I saw it last. It seems as if it’s constantly and increasingly becoming more and more inappropriate with girl’s clothes being all about money, princes and diamonds; in what world is this becoming the standard? Boy’s clothes are arguably worse, apparently boys are only allowed to wear blues and greens with character t-shirts – talk about gender stereotyping from the get-go. The problem most parents face is financial; not everyone can afford to shop at Zara for their ever-growing children. 


Images: Rylee’s mum’s Instagram – @kelli_murray

However there are parents, and kids that are breaking the mould and paving the way for others. This isn’t about labels, it doesn’t matter where you get your kids clothes from because after all they aren’t a walking billboard and I doubt they care, this is about choosing clothes that are comfortable, appropriate and affordable. Plain t-shirts and jeans can be styled with a hat or a statement shirt – it’s not rocket science. After all those sunglasses will come in handy when they’re out playing in the summer and that shirt will keep them warm when the sun goes down. So why not get creative with your young ones and make fashion fun and ultimately fabulous! 

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