No doubt by now the doormat is piled high with the many manilla envelopes that are flying through the letterbox, each awaiting your rsvp to the ‘summer wedding of the season’. Wedding invitations are like buses, either you don’t get one or they arrive together! And if you think it’s just the bride-to-be who’s stressing about her big day, then think again, because let’s be honest we’re all on show when it comes to a wedding. Vetted and judged by the entirety of the relatives, and questioned about your knowledge of the happy couple by fellow attendees, it can be enough unnecessary stress to make you lock down the doors and see the summer through without ever stepping foot near a sugared almond! But to ease the burden of being a guest, we’ve collated our top wedding etiquette tips to keep you on the right side of the bride before the big event turns her into bridezilla.


Dress Code

Weddings are always formal events so we should all know that your best dressed self will be required to keep up the standards. Many weddings no longer format a dress code, but for us women we need to know what kind of event it’s going to be. Cocktail dress or a tea dress? There’s a big difference!

And it’s not just the type of dress we should wear but of course the colour. White is an obvious no no unless you’re looking to upstage the bride, no matter what the magazines say is trending, unless you want a death stare from the bride avoid white at all costs.

The other big issue is the bridesmaids. Accidentally match and you’ll look like you were desperate to be asked. So whatever investigation you need to do, find out the theme colour of the wedding and avoid clashing.


There is simply nothing more infuriating to a bride than a guest who doesn’t RSVP. If you don’t want to be scratched off the christmas card list or end up on the ‘extras’ table, RSVP like your life depends on it.

And if you’re really trying to win brownie points with the bride, RSVP with a personal letter.


It’s a traditional touch that’s been lost to the text message, but can mean so much to the happy couple. Besides you might even get extra goodies in your favour bags!

Gift List

Luckily in our modern era we really don’t have to put too much thought and effort into the gift we give to the lucky couple. They’ve done all the hard work for us. A list is simple, and it’s what they want, so why not give them what they want?

There are many people who hate the idea of lists as it’s a little rude to say the least but at the same time it takes away the worry that they’re not going to like what you get them. So stick to a list and they will be forever grateful.


If you don’t, just make sure it’s the most thoughtful gift they’ll want to cherish forever, rather than being that pain item they have to drag out every time you visit.

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