I’m not normally one for discussing religion, but the recent news that former Victoria Secret model Kylie Bisutti has quit modelling and launched a religious clothing label, entitled ‘God Inspires’, has sent me into a blind rage and I wont be silenced anymore.

My opening argument as to why I find this new found faith/money making venture utterly ridiculous is item A.



Here is Kylie doing Gods good work, back when she found it completely acceptable to strut her scantily clad body up the Victoria Secret runway, for money no less. Need I say more?

Perhaps Kylie got confused her with ideologies. After all she was an angel, surely this biblical garb is nothing short of a natural follow up. But forgive me if I’m wrong, but have you ever heard of Angel Gabriel prancing around in brazilian cut panties and suspenders? I think not.

Kylie’s new found faith and need to spread the word of Jesus, comes after she soiled the Victoria Secret name, claiming that she “felt like a piece of meat” during her time on their payroll, and that, “it definitely felt like I was being made to sell sex. I just really started to feel exploited and sexualised”. The holy grail of lingerie hit back saying Bisutti’s claims were utterly fabricated.

Now I’m not saying that in order to live a life where religion plays a part one must led a prudish lifestyle, but I fail to see how one can go from flaunting her body as a lingerie model, to a devout saint who wears only clothing with quotes such as, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” – Psalm 119:1. and “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit” – Philippians 2:3.

By all means keep faith, but please don’t, out of a need to be seen to ‘do good’, subject us all to your evangelistic outbursts and ultimately bad taste in clothing. Kylie, do us a favour and save it for church, I would suggest 10 hail Mary’s for all your previous scandalous sins.

Maybe this move is a desperate bid to repent her former sexy ways. But Gods all forgiving, as I’m sure Kylie of course knows, being so holy and all. And in my opinion I think she has a greater chance of getting into heaven by turning up at the pearly gates wearing her Victoria Secret get up, rather than a poorly made and tacky ‘Go God’ tee, after all he is a guy isn’t he??

And while we are at it, it really doesn’t seem very Christian of Kylie to charge big busks for a slice of religious guilt free dressing either.

Forget the catwalk and push up bras, this clothing line, which makes a mockery of religion in itself, is for me, Kylie’s most cardinal sin to date.

Looks like she is a fallen angel in both senses.

By Sophie Maguire, Editor

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