A thought came to me around the time of my mother’s birthday in early August. She was trying to decide what to wear for her birthday meal that evening whilst I was her acting fashion consultant for the night. Now my mother is a typically great Leo, with strength, leadership and individuality oozing from her personality and style. She takes great care in dressing her way and rarely follows trends if they are not concurring to her sense of fashion.

Now I don’t mean that her wardrobe is bursting with audacious prints and sequins but you can guarantee that with nearly every outfit there will be at least one statement item accompanying it. This is something I can recollect throughout my entire life – my favourites are her inimitable array of handbags!

This led me to think if and how our zodiac signs might influence our style choices. Can personality attributes associated with our time of birth really impact on what we feel most comfortable in? Personally, I think Yes.


Of course, this will not apply to all of us and I know there are ‘star sign sceptics’ out there who would definitely brush this idea off. This is also in no way disregarding the beauty and uniqueness of a person’s distinct style but offer another dynamic that can influence this.

After some research, I’ve discovered there are definite certain fashion elements that are linked to each zodiac sign. Correlations exist between signs and particular styles due to similarities rendered by element groups (fire, earth, water, air), Moon, Sun and/or stellium of planets.

I came across an in-depth guide which illustrates how fashion is linked to the zodiac calendar, as described by Fashion Astrologist Veronica Tkachenko. This enlightened me as to how innately our star signs may inspire our dress.

For example, Arians choice of clothing is strongly determined by colour. Being an Aries myself I can certainly support this as I love bold shades and will always try to incorporate a bright item in my daily attire. This may differ to Geminis, who can be neutral in their dress sense but have a wide variety due to their ever-changing sense of mood. Taureans are attracted to the material of which their garments are made. They may choose simple styles but with significant ‘expressive details’. This may be similar to the items of a Leo’s wardrobe, but lionesses may choose items on both colour and quality. Like Aries, they are keen on colour but prefer the more refined shades, and will always team an outfit with vivacious accessories, preferably gold.Uma Thurman


“Taurus style icons: Uma Thurman and Audrey Hepburn”

Some of our favourite designers are happy to admit influence by their zodiac sign. Tom Ford, who is a Virgo and self-confessed typically meticulous one, admits to Starsignstyle.com, “I think to really obsess over a millimeter on a shoe heel, it helps to be a Virgo.” Tom is known to be a perfectionist and heavily focuses on the finite details on his designs. The same can be said for designs by Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfield, who are also Virgos.

Fellow Arian, Vivienne Westwood, uses an array of warm, fiery colours such as red, orange and cerise. Yet due to her Moon in Leo, gold embellishments will virtually always be found incorporated into her designs. The ‘Queen of Punk’ embraces this with her infamous gold crown logo.

Whether we may know it or not, our style, and the designs of those who we love to see hanging in our wardrobe, may be inspired by our cosmic characteristics. There may be a vast amount of people in the world who share your zodiac sign, but the best part about fashion is that everyone has their very own sense of it.

By Adrianna Haynes

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