I never knew much about Alan Turing. He was a man my tutor group at school was named after, and he was a man that wasn’t pardoned by the Queen until 2013 for a crime that is no longer a criminal offence, nor should it ever have been. I find it pretty amazing how little I knew of someone who helped end the Second World War and save millions of lives. The new film The Imitation Game has brought to light the inspiring but tragic story of his life.


Benedict Cumberbatch gives an incredible performance as Turing, highlighting his intelligence as well as his lack of social awareness. Making you truly empathise with his character. The film follows Turing and his colleagues working towards breaking the enigma code used by the Nazis emphasising the great secrecy of the whole operation, even after their work was completed. He builds an enigma-breaking machine that some consider a huge contribution to the development of the computer in later years.




The Imitation Game has been criticised for downplaying Turing’s homosexuality however it is my opinion that the film simply puts more emphasis on the importance of his work and celebrating his achievements, regardless of his sexual orientation. Nevertheless, his sexuality is addressed and it is astonishing to watch the treatment of a man who has done so much for the world. The way women were looked upon in the workplace is also addressed through Keira Knightley who plays Joan Clarke, a colleague that Turing forms a great friendship with. The sexist comments made to Clarke throughout the film – of which there were many – were laughable and quite astonishing to watch in this day and age!


Cumberbatch and Knightley play their roles perfectly giving Turing’s story the attention it needs. The film has been nominated for eight Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor and in my opinion is sure to win.  It is still in the cinema after two months and I would highly recommend watching it. It will anger but inspire you as to what people are capable of.

By Britt King

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