They tell us it’s a heat wave, with temperatures soaring to degrees unheard of since 2006! Every morning we wake up to newsreaders cautioning us to take care in this heat, reporting on how the Great British public are coping in this weather and what precautions to take. Most recently the term “state of emergency” was thrown out there, yet surely what we are experiencing is just what I would like to call summer. The biggest problem is the lack of air conditioning and what to wear to cope on the hottest of days.

I think most of you would agree with me that in an ideal situation we would all head off to the beach and frolic by the sea in a bikini all day. However, the reality is that getting dressed is unavoidable, so what do we wear to look stylish while staying comfortable in the summer sun?

Unlike what is usually the go-to styling mantra, layering is not your best friend under the exposure of the sun’s rays. Rather, we want to be thinking about thin, loose fitting separates and dresses, crucially in single layers. This season white has been the winning colour, and a head to toe crisp look is perfect for the bright, warm days. You’ll keep cool in loose fitting white tops worn over either a short white skirt or a pair of shorts. It doesn’t hurt that white looks great with a tan too, which is pretty much a given in the current climate.

It’s hard to rule denim out of the equation. Without this staple item what would be our go-to bottom option? Trust me on this one; the last thing you want to wear in thirty-degree heat is a pair of skinny jeans. Luckily for all us denim lovers out there, there are plenty of options. Apart from the obvious choice of denim cut offs and minis, there are plenty of loose fitting dresses and dungaree shorts to be found.

Of course everyone isn’t comfortable showing off a bit of leg, and for those days, when full length is the way to go, sticking to loose fitting silk trousers is a great option. It fits in perfectly with the sport luxe trend du jour, and will keep you feeling cool.

As you lose most of your body heat through your feet, in the winter you want to protect them to keep it intact. Logic then rules that the opposite applies in summer; so for your feet wear sandals, flat ones during the day and heels at night. Continuing down the line of accessorising your summer look, a hat can be your best friend. It will keep the sun away from you, protecting your skin, keep you from overheating and looks great. Personally, I love a wide brimmed straw piece or a fedora for summer.

So there it is, “heat wave” dressing made simple, loose separates, hats and sandals. Now lets enjoy the summer while it lasts!

By Beatrice Trodden

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