Picture the scene if you will; it is a Tuesday afternoon and you are casually walking through town. You spot a dress in the window of your favourite shop (who are you kidding, you don’t pick favourites!), it is five days until payday and the money you have left in your bank account is earmarked for food.  No harm in trying it on” you think to yourself before you realise you are halfway to the fitting rooms. It fits great, it looks great, it was made for you. Begrudgingly you hand it back to the Sales Assistant, already planning how soon after payday you will be back to buy it.

As you leave the shop you can hear the dress calling to you the whole way down the street. It plays on you mind at work. It is all you can think about when deciding what to wear the next day. It is the kind of dress that would make sense of everything else in your wardrobe. You. Must. Have. It! You make it two days before you are back in the shop; if there is a God he would want you and this dress to be together. Sound familiar? Then you my friend are a fashion addict. Here is how to spot the tell-tale signs.

Your ASOS wishlist is a mile long.

Is it just us or does ASOS have by far the best wishlist? Maybe it is the amount of choice. Maybe it’s the buzz when the bag that was on your list for months has finally gone in to the sale. All we know is; if the total of your wishlist equals more than your salary for the month you are going to be in trouble.

Your clothes have more rooms in the house than you do.

If your clothes are still confined to one wardrobe then there may be hope for you yet. If you have two wardrobes, a chest of drawers, a coat cupboard, a shelving unit just for shoes and more storage you forgot about in the loft, oh and that box of stuff at your parent’s house then you may as well just bite the bullet and open a shop.

You prefer to shop alone.

Other people hold you back, slow you down and talk you out of things. You’ve done this before; you know where you want to go and you have the navigation down to an art. You can enter a shop and know within five seconds if you are going to want to buy something, if not why waste your time, this is serious business.

You love the smell of new clothes. 

If you haven’t noticed the smell of a freshly bought garment then you don’t know what addiction is. The crisp scent of that first wear is what makes it all worthwhile. True fashion addicts can identify the shop where the items were bought from the smell alone.

You lie.

Like all addicts, fashion addicts lie. From the lies we tell others; “I had absolutely nothing to wear!”, “Oh this?  It’s really old!”.  To the lies we tell ourselves; “you will wear it all the time.”, “It will go with everything!”, “You need it!”. We are ruthless and will stop at nothing in the pursuit of fashion.

If this all sounds worryingly familiar, don’t fret.  There are worse things to be addicted to and where is the harm in treating yourself to an item or three.  Still, I wouldn’t take my advice; my name is Samantha and I am a Fashion Addict.By Samantha Vandersteen

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