The ever changing British summer turns dressing in the city into a minefield fraught with danger at every corner. Step out in sandals and it’s guaranteed to rain; take a big coat in case of a chill and you’ll be graced with bright sunshine and humidity; bare legs and a midi skirt will bring out gale force winds forcing you into Marilyn Monroe style poses every few steps. We got you through winter…just, now let’s survive summer together.

Okay so summer might have gone AWOL this year but that doesn’t make dressing any simpler. Here at MSL we found a few British Summer Saviours to get you stylishly through the season.

The Cut Away Boot
Normally, boots in the summer are a big no-no, but not this year; make boots your best friend, or more specifically the cut away boot. Lighter than a normal boot but sturdier than a sandal, these boots are perfect for our ever changing weather. The cut away can make even the girliest sundress look edgy but is covered up enough to help you stomp your way through the puddles created by summer showers, or even torrential rain.

Topshop boots
Topshop – Advance Cut Out Western Boots, £70

The Blazer
It has been lurking in the background for the last few seasons, but it is now time for the blazer to step forward. Too light for winter months and then too hot for the height of summer, this year the blazer finds its place as the perfect cover up for days when the sun just won’t shine.
River Island Blazer
River Island – Orange Printed Zip Pocket Blazer, £50

The Tote
Regular readers will know we are big fans of the tote here at MSL. It’s just so damn handy. The smart, boxy shape makes it perfect for work and the large, throw-everything-in size means there is plenty of room for extra layers, hats and scarves in case the sun heads behind a cloud and Britain’s temperatures plummet once again.
reise bag
Reiss – Sofie Cube Detail Bag, £295

The Umbrella
Not since Mary Poppins came flying in on hers has an umbrella seemed so useful. If we are going to be tormented by rain all year round lets at least make our waterproof accessories stylish. Give up on tiny, fold away umbrellas and invest in a tall, pretty lady umbrellas. Big enough to keep you and your tote dry, practically perfect fashionistas will make like Mary and match it to their outfit too.

Fulston – Birdcage Umbrella Lilly, £18

Finally, stock up on your vitamins or if you really can’t face another rainy day book a holiday and get the hell out of Britain. Better still, take us with you.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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