The beginning of June means the sun actually starts to shine, that taking an umbrella everywhere isn’t a necessity and that I can trade in my heavy winter coat for a light leather jacket. But with these changes also comes the trickiest of seasons to dress for: the wedding season. So, what does one wear to a wedding when you’re not the bride? To tackle this dilemma we take a look at two fashion icons of today that both represent modern fashion but in very different ways. The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) and Kate Moss.

Although both Kate’s are very similar in that they both tied the knot in the same year, looked fabulous and inspired thousands of other brides doing so, influenced the fashion and bridal markets hugely simply by being seen in a certain designer item and both wore white to their weddings, they could not be more different.

Kate Moss wore a striking Alexander McQueen Dress to Jade Jagger’s wedding last summer. The combination of laser cut leather and lace was a refreshing departure from the usual pastels and lace covered frocks we are used to seeing at weddings. The dress suited Moss perfectly as a tough piece with an edge of femininity, as seen in the frilled hem. The length, neckline and cut of the dress are spot on for a wedding and thankfully Kate opted not to wear the matching leather mask. Over all, the outfit was a fierce look which Moss carries off with aplomb.

Ms Moss wore this green vintage dress to a wedding back in 2009, the sheer sleeves, delicate embroidery, fresh colour and elegant cut are simply divine. Again Kate’s dress is cut beautifully and is perfect for a wedding guest, the skin on show is done so with such class that you almost don’t notice the sheer tops of the sleeves. This is the sort of look I think every wedding guest strives for; beautiful, appropriate, with personality. In my opinion, it is just the right amount of sexy and there’s no danger of someone else wearing it!


So on to our second Kate: The Duchess of Cambridge.Kate Middleton has a very different look to Ms. Moss, but it still inspires women all over the world, perhaps even more so than Kate Moss now that she’s a royal favourite. I think most women would automatically reference Kate or her sister Pippa for some inspiration when attending a wedding as she favors a safe traditional, feminine, pretty and classy look overall.

Kate’s worn this cobalt blue shade before and it never fails to impress. As this is an Issa dress we can only imagine how gorgeous the cut is, but unfortunately the black boxy blazer makes the whole ensemble a bit more formal and serious than it should be, and hides the main part of the dress. The hat however is a triumph. It makes a statement while still being delicate and elegant.

Kate wore this playful Topshop polka-dot dress to a friends wedding last month, and she’s worn it before! This dress is fabulous, the perfect example of dressing well on a budget, she looks glamorous, fun and still shows off her stunning legs without being too revealing. The hat is a little too directional for such a safe hairstyle, but it adds interest and stays wedding-appropriate.


Our two Kate’s have hugely different styles but both still make an impression and look beautiful at a wedding, without a pastel in sight! While Kate Moss is the perfect wedding guest that we all want to be, The Duchess of Cambridge is the ideal wedding guest from the point of view of the bride – traditional, beautiful and not too over the top. Both icons show us that wedding dressing needn’t be the sea of pastel knee-length lace atrocities we are so used to – be inspired by your inner ‘Kate’.

By Genevieve Daetwyler

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