When a new season begins so to do the new trends, and as much as we find ourselves hoping to hit the refresh button and insert some fashion forward pieces into our wardrobes, there are some trends that only serve to create fashion problems.

Of course there are never any rules in fashion but we all like to look and feel good when we walk out the door, and having the confidence to pull off any item from the catwalk can make us feel like models in our own right.

So knowing that not every item is an easy put together, we’ve come up with the style solutions for those pesky fashion problems.


It would be silly to ignore the fact that the iconic 70’s denim is back with a vengeance. Just when we’d learnt to manoeuvre ourselves into the skinny jean and find a ‘jegging’ that doesn’t make us look like a flump, the bell bottomed beauties are embracing traditional denim once again. 

But as well as being a serious trip hazard, flares can be a tricky one to pull off. For those with an athletic figure it can add curves in all the right places, but for those with more to show, it can feel as though it just highlights the love handles. The trick to finding flattering flares is in the colour and the cut! Darker denim such as black or indigo can help create a slimming silhouette, and opting for a slightly higher waistline can ensure they pull you in at all the right places. No need to skip out on this trend, it’s just going to take a little shopping patience.


Frame Denim High Rise Jeans, £235, Net-a-Porter


Liquid & Poker High Rise Skinny Flares, £35, ASOS

Long Waistcoats

Another hippy trend that’s hot to be seen in this summer is the long waistcoat that was seen all over the runway. But for those of us who don’t have height on our side, it can feel as though it exaggerates our miniscule proportions. Yet don’t lose faith as there’s no need to avoid this trend, simply add a good pair of heels and some clever accessorising. Adding extra height in heels and breaking up the long piece with a belt will ensure you don’t feel as though it’s dragging behind you like a superhero’s cape.


Long Waistcoat, £69.99, Zara


The big shoes are in and they’re adding inches to everyone! Of course this is all fun and games to begin with, especially as you can now get more shoe for your money, but platforms are also like the Oxford degree in heel walking. Making your sense of the ground go completely, we’ve all seen what can happen when platform wearing goes wrong, so it’s no surprise that some of us want to avoid them like the plague. But don’t let everyone else have all the fun. Just like revising for that degree, when it comes to any high heel wearing it’s all in the practice. So whether you’re cleaning the house or popping to the shops be brave and put on your platforms. The more practice the better, and once it comes to that big night out, they’ll look just a part of you as your arms and legs!


ORLA Leather Platforms, £45, ASOS


SAGITTARIUS Platform Shoes, £58, Topshop

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