Last month, team MSL took turns to write a tribute about their top style crushes. From Rachel Bilson’s blazers to Ashley Olsen’s rock chic, to say we were in awe of some of these women’s styles would be an understatement. This week there was one women whose fashion could not go without a mention. Millie Mackintosh is known for her impeccable appearance and immaculate attention to detail. Millie makes the brave choice to pair the boho style with a rocky edge; despite the conflicting styles she still manages to achieves an elegance we cannot help but applaud.


Here are a few of our favourite things that we love and adore about Miss Mackintosh’s style:


  • She has the ability to don a hat with any outfit and with confidence.
  • She is not afraid to wear colours and matches them perfectly with simple cut designs.
  • Balance: Pairing shorts with a tailored jacket means Millie’s look is both sexy and classy.
  • The laid-back tousled hair style shows that Millie can have fun and experiment with both her style and make-up whilst looking effortlessly beautiful.
  • Her range of printed skinny jeans is enough to fill a closet and banish any wardrobe woe’s.
  • Millie adds inches to her height with a range of stunning stacked heels, bright wedges and suede ankle boots.
  • No matter the season, Millie teams her outfits with a jacket demonstrating how she is both practical but stylish in her appearance.
  • Her classic and understated make-up is natural, flawless and pure.
  • And what’s more, Professor Green isn’t bad as far as arm candy goes!



Marni Banks


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