Herb Ritts at the Getty

This summer the Getty Centre plays host to an amazing array of photographs, all captured by the legendary photographer, Herb Ritts (1952-2002). Everything from his iconic nude portraits to his stylish fashion shots is on display alongside treasured artefacts such as vintage cameras and old issues of Vogue, in which Herb’s images are shown.

The exhibition spans the lower floor of the Getty Centre as well as three decades. It guides you on an evolutionary journey through not only the mind of Herb Ritts but also through Culture, Fashion. Art, Music and Style. Herb Ritts’ aesthetic embodied the nature and the personality of California through his use of the bright Californian sunlight, locations such as the desert and the beach and the contrasts created by these elements. This strong and individual aesthetic helped to individualise him and set him apart from his peers based in New York.

Herb Ritts was a risk taker and he wasn’t afraid to work hard to achieve beauty. He knew exactly which type of light looked best with his different models and how to execute the most adventurous of scenes. His work has stood the test of time, mirroring perfectly the union of art and commerce, something that defined the 80’s.

Take a look at Herb Ritts’ work for yourself.

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