Each and every one of us has five senses, to which some are stronger than others. Our sight gives us the pleasure of seeing the beautiful world in which we live. Our ability to hear allows us to share the stories of our most treasured items of clothing. To touch allows us to cuddle and care for those we love most and to taste means we never tire of all the incredible foods we have around the world. But it’s our sense of smell that can evoke the most intense memories and remind us of our surroundings. Now, with spring around the corner, we take a look at what fragrances we should be wearing with the hope that one day they will remind us of what is set to be the best summer yet.


The Tropical frangipani notes of this perfume give that I’ve-just-been-on-holiday feeling, with deeper rich floral notes to take this scent from day to night.



One of my favourite designers and my go-to fragrance. The nose behind this scent really knows a thing or two about femininity. Comfort and warmth are imbued in this scent with orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar, inspired by Saab’s native Lebanon. And just like Saabs signature dresses, the scents dreamy delicacy floats around you, so to make a statement without being too strong.

elie saab


In keeping with Britain’s innovative design sharp sartorial eye, the Burberry body perfume bottle reinvents the meaning behind a handbag essential. This slim tall body is a creative way to remind us of their iconic trench coat. Even if the scents powdery floral notes aren’t your perfect match, this is a perfume bottle you would want on your dressing table.



Taking one from the high street, I am obsessed with Zara’s own Eau de Parfum. At the heart of this scent lies one of my favourite flowers, the peony. A beautiful blend of these floral notes with sweet mandarin make this perfume refreshing. And more points are scored with the glass flacon with a pink flower stopper and metal butterfly as decoration on the bottle.


By Marni Banks

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