“A work of art’s apparent simplicity is definite proof of its grace”

Gabrielle Chanel

If there was ever a moment in history I would teleport back to, Miss Chanel’s launch of her 1932 high jewellery collection ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ would be one of them. Therefore, as soon as I discovered that Chanel were going to celebrate this landmark by creating an honorary collection entitled ‘Chanel Joaillerie’, I knew I was going to fall in love with these elaborate costume jewellery pieces and desire to be in the shoes of Cinderella once again. However, instead of wanting to dress up in ball gowns and glass slippers all day, this time around I wanted to be wearing Chanel’s 15 carat necklace, celeste brooch in white gold and the encrusted princess-like tiara.

The Chanel Joaillerie collection is a sparkling affair of white, black and yellow diamonds, blue and pink sapphires, quartz, rock crystals and pearls which have all been intricately assembled to create 80 jewellery pieces that echo the five main themes of the 1932 collection; the comet, the sun, the fringes, the ribbon and the feathers. Worth an estimated 35 million euros, this highly anticipated collection will be unveiled in six chapters as they travel around the world capturing the hearts of those who manage to catch a glimpse of this magical and celebratory jewellery line.

This particular collection was the epitome of the brand and captured everything we admire and cherish Chanel for, their simplicity and elegant designs, their creativity, their love for high quality and their appreciation for their longevity in the fashion industry. In producing the Constellation Du Lion necklace which features a golden rutilated quartz lion standing proudly on a diamond comet, Karl Lagerfeld pays a direct tribute to Gabrielle Chanel and her 1932 ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ collection. With the lion representing mademoiselle’s birth sign and the astrological reference being strongly associated with love, it conveys a simple but everlasting message reading ‘I will have eternal love for Chanel’.

With nine celestial inspired pieces being unveiled during haute couture week in January and displayed at the Biennale Des Antiquaires during September, it is time for this globe-trotting collection to make its way to New York before making the long journey to Tokyo in November. Whilst I will not be able to witness Chanel’s creations first hand, on October 14th I will be buying the ‘Les Bijoux De Chanel’ book which pays tribute to 80 years of majestic designs, and will allow me to have my own little piece of Chanel history placed righteously on my coffee table.

Hattie Lee


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