June is just around the corner and the sun is shining; this can mean only one thing…Wedding Season.

So here at MSL we decided that it was about time all things wedding took over the blog. So to kick off our wedding week and to get you all in the mood for love, we have come up with our dream wedding. From the dress to the music to the cocktails, we have sought out the most desirable of wedding touches.

The ring

Now every woman knows there is no wedding without a proposal. The proposal is given nearly as much daydreaming thought as the wedding itself; but when he is down on bended knee swearing, “I can guarantee there’ll be though times. I guarantee that at some time, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you’re the only one for me…” (Excuse the Richard Gere Runaway Bride quote, we just couldn’t help ourselves), what will accompany that perfect speech? The answer is diamonds! And for diamonds, look no further than Harry Winston. MSL love this utterly beautiful diamond Cushion-cut micropavé diamond engagement and wedding ring, featuring 3.03 carats in a platinum setting. A girl can dream.

The Location

The first thing on any brides checklist has to be the location and for our dream day we are heading to Santa Monica to Shutters on The Beach Hotel and Spa.

‘Shutters, where nothing stands between you and the sand’ their slogan not mine, is a picturesque hotel and spa where the sea kisses the doorstep. The coastal hotel boosts the finest of foods, world class views and most of all, utter relaxation. Could there be a more perfect place to stay during the stresses of our big day? We think not.

Pictures this…Our guests arrive in Santa Monica and after long haul flights slump onto pillow soft beds and feather duvets, as the sun is setting in the sky casting dappled orange and red hued shadows about the room. Tomorrow they will wake to the sound of the salty shore and begin a day of pampering, before enjoying drinks on the terrace. As chatter amongst them about tomorrows big day dies down and the sun begins its descent, we are safe in the knowledge that our guests are well taken care of.

The sun is low in the morning sky as we are zipped into the delicate lace and cream silk dress; the dress that marks us out as the most beautiful woman in the room. The scent of white tulips fills the air and a moment’s quiet comes over the room. He is at the door now; our father, dressed in a black dinner suit, his glossy eyes brim with tears of pride as he leads us from the room.

I am now convinced you too want to get married at Shutter on the Beach. Who wouldn’t.

Are you still with us; or are you still on that pillow top bed?

The Dress

Then it’s about choosing the dress and for us it has to be a Vera Wang or Elie Saab creation. No puffy meringue dress here though, we want understated elegance – stunning beauty. We wish to be draped in rich heavy silks, adorned with delicate lace, in soft creams or whites.


Honouring Traditions

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

For our something old we will seek out an old Vintage broach belonging to one of our grandmothers. Which will sit, pined in our hair, while cascading loose waves with fall around the jewelled piece.

Bridesmaids will scribe personal messages on the bottom of our bridal shoes in blue pen, as a new take on the something blue tradition. These shoes will now become that little bit more precious.

We then borrow a silver coin from our father’s wallet and place this in our shoes as we walk down the aisle. This will ensure prosperity and good luck for our marriage.

The dress, and husband of course, can count for our something new.

First Dance

We did it, we tied the knot and now must take to the floor as our guests look on lovingly. My Girl begins to play and we take to the floor with our Father. We dance one last dance with him, before he hands us over mid song to our new husband.

Dinner is served

Guests will dine on Seabass with Asian Noodles or Chateaubriand with Fondant Potatoes, then Raspberry and marshmallow semi freddo will follow to finish. Deserts wont stop there; after plates are cleared, guests can ponder our Marie Antoinette like dessert station, which is piled high with confectionary in an array of pastel tones.

Cocktail Hour

Apart from the on tap champagne, guests will also enjoy signature cocktails that will honour the bride and grooms parents. Clare’s Classic Martini and Des’ JD on The Rocks will be served as after dinner beverages, guest can each take their pick of the family inspired drinks menu and toast to the happy couple.

Music Maestro

Michael Buble and Jools Holland will sing with a live band during the decadent meal and unique cocktail hour. Then world famous DJ David Guetta will take over and play into the night, as all the guests dance the night away.

Picture Perfect

Renowned photographer Mario Testino, will of course be on hand to capture our breathtaking day and immortalise the beauty of our wedding forever through the use of classical chic black and white photography.

Finishing touches

Our favourite old black and white movies will then play in an outdoor style theatre, lit with candles and over head twinkling lights making it hard to tell where the stars begin and the lights end. Complete with popcorn, soda and blankets, this will call curtain closed on a night to remember as ours guests mingle one last time to reminisce the day, before wandering back to the warmth and ease of their luxurious hotel suites.

Wedding bliss.

Sophie Maguire



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