Growing up, I was never one to dream about my big white wedding. I thought about the job I would be doing perhaps, or the house I might be living in, but planning out my Big Day seldom crossed my mind. I thought about love of course – or rather finding love – but my thoughts tended more towards what he would be like, look like or having a family together.

Recently engaged, however, and I’m thinking of little else but our Big Day. More so because of the questions asked and a certain degree of expectation. The date should be in the diary – venue permitting – dresses should already have been looked at, wedding breakfast considered, and reception details pondered. All within a week, it seems. This isn’t to say I haven’t thought of these details – more so the flowers and table decorations if I’m honest – but I’m more than happy planning and musing at my own pace.

The truth is, having never dreamt of a big white wedding, and having been to many weddings in the last few years, I’ve come to realise it isn’t for me. I favour simple and small. A day that isn’t so much about me, but about us and what we like. Celebrating with close friends and family.

It’s funny that it’s assumed every girl wants the big day – the attention and the expense. Dave has already declared on more than one occasion that while he’ll like input in some areas, the rest is up to me – “whatever I want”. Which is thoughtful and kind, but there’s nothing I really, really want. Of course, I would love for the day to be beautiful, for everything to look nice and for the sun to shine.

But ultimately, whenever I have considered my wedding day, the most important thing I thought, is to have everyone we love around us; for no one to be missing. You may be thinking, it sounds cheesy, or there must be more she wants, but honestly, when people ask me, I just want our wedding day to be filled with happiness and sunshine (literally). 

The details are important, and I’m certainly not saying I won’t be thinking about colour schemes and tableware, but for me, those are the two things that really matter. Those are the things we’ll really remember when we’re celebrating our Golden Anniversary – and not whether we should’ve included a handmade element into our wedding favours. (Should we?)

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