It’s Wedding Week here at MSL and its time to delve into another iconic dress. This time we look to fictional character Carrie Bradshaw and the stunning Vivienne Westwood dress she wore toher ‘almost wedding’ to Mr. Big.


When you think of wedding dresses it’s more Vera than Vivienne that springs to mind, but it was in fact Vivienne who created one of the most loved wedding dress.

When it was time for the much loved Sex and The City character Carrie Bradshaw to tie the knot, Vivienne Westwood was on hand to create a stunningly elaborate and truly unique bridal gown. The gorgeous beige creation, worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, became instantly famous after the movie premiered. The dress was typical of Westwood’s creations; it was quirky and by no means traditional.

The construction of the couture gown was so impeccable; with it’s high seen and abundance of layers, this is one bridal dress that is not for the shrinking violets. But despite the dresses unique take on bridal wear, it still remains somehow classic in its beauty – The perfect fit of our Carrie.


A soon as she appeared on screen, Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress was firmly enshrined in wedding legend. The Vivienne Westwood designed dress was in demand and women everywhere wanted desperately to own a piece of Carrie. NETAPORTER.COM soon launched a knee length version of Carrie’s dress costing a staggering £4,530. The cocktail style dress sold out in a matter of hours, only reaffirming its popularity.

Brides who are after the genuine full length article, can head to Vivienne herself. Carrie’s dress can be made-to-order at Vivienne Westwood’s store. Be warned though, Prices start at an eye watering £11, 000; so ladies, never mind looking for Mr. Big, it looks as though it may be time to scout out Mr. Rich!

Sophie Maguire


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