The 1st of August saw another successful Semple Secret event for Team MSL and for those of you who were unable to join us Editor Sophie Maguire recounts the evening…

As guests arrived at the world renowned Club at The Ivy, they were greeted by a member of the MSL team who led them up to the exclusive loft lounge, where they enjoyed a glass of organic nativio chardonnay and canapés that were to die for; vegetable tempura, lobster tortilla with chilli salsa and guacamole, sesame crusted tuna with green mango salsa and The Ivy mini burgers, followed by a giant Adele Parks book cake, curtsey of Live and Let Bake, added a gastronomical treat to the evening ahead.

It is always wonderful to see the different types of women, and men, (three on this occasion, we really were spoilt for choice) that come out to join us. Everyone has a tale to tell, some an exciting venture they are about to embark on or a creative streak they are eager to unleash. But one thing we can always be sure of is that, no matter what their background or career, they all love clothes and treasure their garments; holding dear the fond memories they have with their most loved items.

A always our events feature a woman at the forefront of her field, who delves into her wardrobe in a bid to find such a treasured garment and tell us the exciting stories that go along with it, while sharing with us an incite into her career. On this occasion we had none other than bestselling Author, and life and soul of the party, Adele Parks. For me Adele was by far my most favorite guest speaker to date. She perfectly encompassed everything MSL believes in – fashion and stories. Her art for storytelling coupled with the tale behind the gorgeous wedding dress she brought along, made for a compelling, humorous and inspiring interview. Animated and full of gusto, Adele told of her wedding in Vegas and how a childhood spent writing short stories for her grandfather earned her 10 pence a time. Adele’s warm endearing personality and funny commentary meant we got a glimpse into the person behind the books; the loving mother and wife who can never picture herself doing anything other than writing.

As the evening drew to a close and the excited chatter of like minded women began to shimmer down, I looked back upon the evening; good food, good wine and a wonderful audience who came together united in their love of fashion and insatiable need to create. The last guests make their way out, goody bags in hand and under the blanket of the humid summer night I leave, utterly inspired by a woman who turned childhood storytelling into a career she loves and proud that MSL give women everywhere the chance to be creative, to be together, to network and share in their passions. Perhaps the next big thing was in that room that night, if so don’t forget us on your way to the top.

Having written a staggering thirteen books, Adele is a much loved women’s writer who never fails to tap into the female psyche. Her newly launched book ‘The State We’re In’ is a heartwarming story that spans two generations and looks at how our pasts shape our futures. And take it from us it’s a must read.

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By Sophie Maguire, Editor

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