We don’t want to make you feel old but we have something to tell you. Remember, The OC? Yes, us too (it was brilliant, wasn’t it?) Well this week celebrates the tenth anniversary of the pilot episode, yes, we said 10. That’s a whole decade! Aside from making us all feel a little older than we’d like, we’ve got some celebrating to do. Admit it or not, we all spent most of that decade swooning over Seth and Ryan (and badboy Volcheck, sshh!) but the real debate was who’s style we’d rather steal, Marissa or Summer. The fashion, like in any TV sitcom was a major part of The OC, especially with all of their parents money to splash – we remember a few Chanel numbers in Marissa’s wardrobe.

We’ve got you feeling all nostalgic now haven’t we? Well, fear not we’ve got a few solutions to feed your Noughties fix. We’ve been looking through The OC archives and good news, throwing on old box sets isn’t the only way to get involved. Summer, Marissa,  Anna – and even Julie Cooper are the newest (and in all honesty, unlikeliest) style icons.

Marissa: The Cami Queen

I can’t count the number of times we’ve spotted Marissa rocking a Cami. Be it a top or a dress, Marissa certainly knows how to work it. Luckily for us, the trend made a huge comeback this year and is set to stick around, so we can dress like Marissa and proud.

Summer: The Floral Fairy

Aside from some of her trashier outfits (juicy couture track suits, ahem) Summer’s boho style was always the coolest thing about the show. Floral prints are always on the high street so why not take some inspiration from our California girl.

Anna: The Preppy Princess 

Seth’s other love interest and all round comic book geek, Anna added a splash of geek-chic into the mix during the first few seasons. Collars under sweaters, geeky tee’s and an array of classic Kangol caps – we want it all and were not ashamed to say it!

Julie Cooper: The sexy Dominatrix

If theres anyone in the OC that screams sexy mamma, its Julie Cooper. Favouring leather,  lace and plunging necklines, the fetish trend just became acceptable to mums everywhere!

By Natalie Miller

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