As I stood in the beautiful glass lift of The Ivy Club in Covent Garden earlier this week, I contemplated just how significant this week was for Maggie Semple Limited. I was at the prestigious Ivy Club to celebrate our 1st anniversary along with many of our friends and supporters, who, amongst the twinkling lights and content chatter, reminded me of all of the wonderful things we have achieved over the past year. I was also there to reveal some very exciting prospects for the year ahead and as I looked around the room I felt a warm sense of both achievement from the past year, and anticipation for the future.

I would like to thank all of our guests who made the evening memorable and those who sent their good wishes. The fantastic Caroline Jackson Levy, a remarkable woman who you will recognise from one of our recent blog profiles, acted as compere. As always, she engaged the audience with witty observations and interviewed me with great skill. She was particularly interested to know why I started MSL, and I found myself talking about passion, creativity and the drive to succeed.

During the discussion I announced a new fashion history gift service, ‘Behind the Seams’, and launched our black and white MSL promotion film directed by Alberto Bona. You will be able to see extracts of the film on our exciting new YouTube channel which is to be launched later this month.

The new MSL service, ‘Behind the Seams’, develops our proposition that every woman has a treasured item of clothing in her wardrobe that she loves because it holds particular memories. Now, we want to know about the history of these clothes.

‘Behind the Seams’ provides an account of garments around their time of production, with information about fabrics, cut, style and the designers and their inspiration. Presented in an exquisitely crafted booklet, ‘Behind the Seams’ is perfect for those wanting to know more about their clothes, or as a unique gift for a special occasion.

I believe that ‘Behind the Seams’ will be a perfect gift this Christmas, so next week I will give you further details. In the meantime, start looking through your wardrobe for those treasured garments!

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    I like the sound of “Behind the Seams” and will be telling my friends about it. I’ll be in contact in the very near future. Good luck with this great project!

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