Growing up, writing your wants and wishes to Father Christmas on Christmas Eve was a necessary and excitable tradition for many of us. While a pony or the new BMX undoubtedly topped many a child’s Christmas List, it was the act of writing down your favourite things and leaving it beside the fire with a glass of milk and hot chocolate – and not forgetting the carrot for Rudolph, of course – that made it so special.

It is a tradition that still continues today, though perhaps a little earlier in some cases. Children have always been perpetually easy to buy for – the latest toys, games and new technology is broadcast across TV in the weeks leading up to Christmas, inviting parents to make use of these great offers and buy their children what they really want. It is no longer all about wooden toys, board games or even lego however, but the latest mobile phone or tablet.

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Buying for adults can be somewhat harder though. For many of us, we now tend to buy the pieces we like ourselves – books, new clothes or makeup. But Christmas is a time for spoiling. For buying presents that are thoughtful and unexpected – I don’t think this changes whether you’re 8 years old, or 80 years old. It is perhaps, only when we get older, that we appreciate this thought more. The time, trouble and money that our parents and loved ones showered us with come Christmas every year.

semple gift

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While some may create an Amazon Wishlist and others jot down a few ideas for presents this year on a piece of paper, a thoughtful surprise on Christmas morning sometimes means the most. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or a grand gesture, but showing you have really thought about that person, about what they would like and what would make them happy for Christmas, makes for a very thoughtful and appreciated gift indeed.

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