The other weekend, I was fortunate enough to experience Rome, a city of cobbled streets, stunning historical architecture and sartorial people. A rich orange hue beams from the terra-cotta tinted buildings and light flickers from glasses as people sip champagne in the sunshine. It was a city that overwhelmed me; it’s beauty was intoxicating.

Upon arrival, we checked into the Hotel de Russie, our place of stay for the next few days. The hotel was a palace and can only be described as quintessentially Italian. With gorgeous sky blue window shutters and a tiered garden that ascended from the hotel, you could overlook the rustic rooftops of Rome. Elegant white umbrellas sheltered guests from the sun as they indulged in olives and crusted breads and the staff, dressed impeccably in black suits, greeted you with the sweet words, “Ciao Bella!”

During our stay, we visited the Spanish Steps where Italian street sellers showered you in roses. Despite the grandeur of the attraction, my eyes soon wandered over to a pokey and narrow street where I found Chanel, Gucci and Hermes displaying an array of sensational spring palette dresses. With little time to shop (and an uninterested boyfriend), we ventured to the famous Roman Colosseum and the wishful Trevi fountain, stopping off at a gorgeous panoramic view point on the way. I can’t emphasize enough the splendor of Rome, but I hope some the photos from my trusty Nikon camera give you an idea.

Surreality was with us at all times during our time in Rome. It was one thing being in the historic city, surrounded by friends and family, ancient architecture and a rich tapestry of culture, but hearing that Al Pacino was in the same hotel, drinking an espresso only a few seats away from us was….well, I’ll let you interpret our surprise!

The reason behind this trip was for the beautiful marriage blessing of two people I am very fond of. Their day was perfect and I would like to wish them all the happiness in the world and thank them for such an amazing and authentic Italian experience.

By Marni Banks

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