It has been the fashion staple since the dawning of time; flattering, elegant, ready-to-wear and oozing sophistication, the little black dress is every woman’s go-to item for when nothing else will do. There is nothing else quite like the perfect little black dress to make its wearer feel like a million dollars, and finding the perfect one for you is a true investment from which you can reap the rewards.

This week we speak to Rebecca Melmoth, a charity worker for the children’s charity NSPCC, to hear the story of her favourite little black dress and the special memories it holds.

Rebecca purchased her little black dress a few years ago, and since then has shared many fond memories with this treasured garment. As various close friends celebrated turning 30, the dress was there to share the occasion, from being dressed up with fabulous pink shoes in the cocktail lounge of London’s famous Vertigo 42 to a legendary evening in a pop-up casino in the Northumberland countryside surrounded by the closest of friends. But the dress’s charm isn’t just confined to its homeland, and last year it proved its worth as an international style staple when Rebecca travelled to Japan and the dress accompanied her. An evening singing in a karaoke bar in Tokyo was made extra special by the presence of the faithful dress.

Many of those close to Rebecca laugh at how most of her clothing is black, but as we all know, black is the original black, as well as a failsafe theme which goes with everything. She advises that every woman should have her faithful little black dress which is a go-to item which instantly makes a woman feel glamorous. Every woman can find the perfect shape, cut and fabric to suit her, and when she does, she will never look back.

Lastly, we asked Rebecca to share with us a top fashion tip: she laughs, ‘I do wear a lot of black, but when I do venture out into the world of colour, I always try to wear at least two items of the same colour, it brings an outfit together very nicely and makes the whole thing look much more put together!’

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