YSL ‘The Retrospective’ at the Denver Art Museum

Celebrating Yves Saint Laurent’s 40 years of innovative excellence, the Denver Art Museum in Colorado is the new home to 200 stunning haute couture garments, treasured photos and illustrations that demonstrate the designers inspiration and creativity.

One of the first steps you take along YSL’s retrospective path brings you to a replica of his studio. It is this reconstructed set, which truly captures the designer’s imagination. Featuring original sketches, and personal brainstorms on lead stained paper, we are transported back into the mind of the man who changed tailoring forever.

Yves Saint Laurent was not only credited for his contributions to fashion, but also for his advantageous risk taking. It was his passion and drive to move away for the status quo, which propelled his career forward. Leaving home at just the age of 17, he worked for Christian Dior and built his reputation by winning competitions for his elegant yet eclectic designs. He was a driven man who conjured his success from his own hands. This surely deserves a standing ovation?

The retrospective collection at the Denver Art Museum journeys you through his life, arousing your senses with colours, textures and patterns. It’s Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic tuxedo suits that have left a lasting impression on the world. By embodying glamour, sophistication and sartorial genius YSL transformed the ways in which women dressed for years to follow.

Here at MSL we are craving the opportunity to gaze round the collection, but for now, looking and admiring from the seats of our office is the perfect way to appreciate the ingenious designer from a far.

The Retrospective exhibition is on display from March 25th to July 8th 2012.

Marni Banks

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