One of the most talked about artists of the moment, Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is the epitome of style and grace. I had the privilege of seeing her live on her last UK tour date last Friday, and I was left completely awestruck in her presence. Florence is a unique artist in many ways, and she has a real quality that is seldom seen in the music and fashion industries of the moment. She is classy and elegant, beautiful and poised, but most of all, just downright cool.


She arrived on stage in the most incredible black floor-length billowing cape with gold embellishment, looking like an empress of the underworld in all her glory. From the opening note she had her audience captivated in the throes of her haunting voice and enchanting appearance. As the show went on she shed her show-stopping cape to reveal a black velvet bodysuit, also trimmed in gold and transforming her look into a modern-day super villain as she flounced around the stage in bare feet. The whole experience was mesmerising from start to finish and left the audience buzzing with the energy of such an awe-inspiring performance from a truly iconic woman.7114513389_8070636d1c_b

Florence is no stranger to the world of fashion, and stated in a recent interview that she likes to read fashion magazines over music magazines. Florence’s striking style hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fashion gods either; she was selected as the face of Gucci’s celebratory 90th birthday line, who also dressed her for her summer 2011 tour. Florence is the girl that every major fashion label wants to have on their FROW, and Karl Lagerfeld was quick to pick up on Florence’s influence and had her walk the Chanel runway with Mr Lagerfeld himself at Paris fashion week last October.Florence_and_the_Machine

Of course here at MSL we are always keen to hear about the treasured items of fashionistas from all walks of life; and when Florence was asked in a recent interview if she had an item that she would one day save for her daughter, she said it would be the dress that she wore for Chanel in Paris.

Vivienne Westwood once said that a woman’s sense of style is her life’s work, but I think Florence’s work here is done.

Jessica Allen-Summers


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