perfumeWhen writing Issue II of Semple Magazine, we had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Christian, daughter to and brand ambassador of the Clive Christian perfume empire. In our beauty feature ‘The Reigning Scent’, we learnt that Victoria developed a personal passion for the fragrance world owing to the authentic perfumes her father gifted to her from his travels around the world.

In 1999, Clive bought The Crown Perfumery, which was first made famous 135 years ago when it was uniquely honoured by Queen Victoria with the gift of her crown as a symbol of utmost quality and British excellence. The perfumery therefore carried a lot of rich British history which Clive knew could not be forgotten. 11 years later, Victoria’s curiosity lead her to find an original perfume bottle from The Crown Perfumery underneath the floorboards of her family home. Clive and his daughter have since gone on to create some of the finest, romantic and most respected fragrances in the world.

Clive Christian embarked on a journey to revive the original values of The Crown Perfumery. He did so in order to create elegant and pure perfumes using his trained nose and expertise of rare, rich, natural ingredients from all across Britain. Clive’s passion and grounded values led to the creation of the Original Collection of perfumes – 1872, X and No 1, which is now known as the world’s most expensive perfume.

Clive Christian perfumes are not only romantic fragrances that seduce the senses, but their ingredients are some of the most exquisite in the world. No 1 for women for example, is created from rare ingredients as Tahitian Vanilla and Sandalwood.

So as we lead up to our Semple Secrets event with best-selling author Adele Parks, we are more than excited to get back in touch with Clive Christian and their luxury perfume. On the 1st of August we invite you to an evening of grandeur and glamour at London’s most exclusive venue The Ivy. Join us to hear the remarkable stories behind Adele’s most treasured item of clothing, what inspires her as a writer and more about this inspirational woman. The evening will be a perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people and enjoy some delicious specially selected canapés from The Ivy’s adored chefs. We are thrilled to announce that Clive Christian perfumes will feature in our luxury goody bags, so be sure not to miss out on your opportunity to learn more and experience the divine fragrances from the Clive Christian perfumery yourself.

To book tickets, please visit our website. We hope to see you there.

By Marni Banks

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