The worlds of art and fashion have always been closely aligned with the couture collections blurring the lines between clothing and work of art. This AW Anna Angseryd, Designer and Founder of Patouf, takes direct inspiration from the art world with a new collection motivated by the unconventional paintings of Jackson Pollock.

Pollock threw out the idea of traditional composition with his paintings and Patouf follows suit in the fashion world by creating a collection that crosses boundaries and conventionality with unisex pieces and multifaceted garments. With a men’s collection playfully intertwined with the women’s, there are mix and match garments that could be worn by both sexes or by fashion-savvy couples who want to co-ordinated their wardrobes.

The Swedish clothing label glides easily between escapism and reality with oversized coats and trousers balanced out by streamlined tops and dresses. At the heart of the collection is well designed, cohesive garments but the print, detailing and flourishes are what takes the collection in to the realms of art.

The muted colour palette of black, copper and beige is the calming antidote to the neon brights of the summer and the feminine pleated skirts are juxtaposed against a predominantly androgynous collectino. Working closely with the manufacturers in Poland, Estonia and Portugal, Angseryd ensures that Patouf is both ethically and environmentally aware as well as stylishly covetable.

Whether you are an art lover or a fashionista, or even a bit of both, perhaps we can all agree that it is time to start blurring the lines a bit more and maybe even wear your art on your sleeve.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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