Some of you will recall that two month’s ago I asked the Semple team to let me have three bullet points each at the end of every day for a week. I asked them to document what they saw on their way in to work, one thing that they had achieved, and a comment about how they felt. Their responses demonstrated to me that MSL has a very dynamic, gifted and innovative team. Grace saw a gaggle of school children; Laura, an elderly woman wandering in Covent Garden; Steph, a couple who were wearing fantastic hats; and Sophie, a sad lone woman on the train. They didn’t just describe what they saw but they commented on the way that people walked, how they sat, how they talked to each other, the lines on their faces, the colours of their clothes and the bags they were carrying.

I have kept their comments and every so often I read them for inspiration and to remind me about the MSL journey of turning a passion into a business. Without an inquisitive team dedicated to our work MSL would not be so successful and it is this team that has devised our next major event.

A week on Saturday (4 February 2012) MSL will host a Semple Secrets event from 2-4pm at the Royal Festival Hall. The audience will join me in a discussion with Roland Klein and David Sassoon about their creativity and successful work as designers for the every-day woman as well as the rich and famous. Both Roland and David will bring some of their iconic dresses and many of their designs rarely seen by the public and they will give us vivid insights into their own stories. They won’t just describe their clothes but they will add the dimension of analysis – the science, the muse, their passion behind their garments.

Our event will be held at the heart of the Southbank Centre in the grand Royal Festival Hall. Bursting with creativity and boosting wonderful views of the capital, Royal Festival Hall is the perfect backdrop for a day that sees a world of creative minds conversing. Expect a lively conversation, with a chance to meet and connenect with liked minded people who have inspiring stories to share.

This is one event any Fashion Journalist, Blogger or Designer worth their salt can’t afford to miss, and at £15 a ticket who could possibly refuse…I hope that you will join us on 4 February and don’t forget to bring a garment of your own that you cherish to show David and Roland.

To ensure you don’t miss this fabulous event, please book your tickets here

Maggie Semple

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