In light of the release of the much anticipated Iron Lady and Meryl Streep’s win at the Golden Globes and her recent nominations for an Oscar for her critically acclaimed performance as Margaret Thatcher, MSL thought it only fitting to go behind the seams of the blue suit that is synonymous with the iron lady herself.

Margaret Thatcher was famed for her sartorial staples; the quintessential conservative blue suit favoured by Baroness Thatcher was made famous when she wore the blue two-piece for the official portrait picture in 1979 upon taking her inaugural appointment as prime minister at 10 Downing Street.


Made of royal blue wool crepe with a royal blue silk lining, the suit comes with matching fichus and bib, which tucks inside the front of the jacket so there is no need to wear a blouse. The jacket is teamed with a Short pleated pencil skirt of the same colour.

Despite her trouser-wearing contemporaries Margaret Thatcher refused to relinquish all femininity and instead opted for power suits in shades of blue teamed with the iconic pussy bow, pearls and patent bags we’ve come to associate with her.


Thatcher’s choice of clothing of course took a political stance and her sartorial semiotics prove intriguing, by choosing blue Thatcher was not only making a fashion statement, but accreting her authority; according to studies, blue is a masculine colour and also highly accepted by males.

The first, and only, female Prime Minister’s style is back in the spotlight since the release of the biopic and the catwalk is awash with blue. So make like the Iron Lady herself and power dress your way to the top, taking Thatcher’s style into 2012 with a fitted blazer, a pencil leg trouser and a fierce court shoe. And remember ladies, Blue means Boss.

The Iron Lady in theaters everywhere now. Don’t miss it.

Sophie Maguire


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