Caitlin Shea is 24, young, beautiful, enthusiastic and taking the fashion industry by storm. After moving to London Caitlin knew her direction in life and set out about making it happen, carving out an enviable career for herself as a model scout and she hasn’t looked back since. MSL sat down with Caitlin for a Q&A to discover what this Fashionista gets up to when she isn’t at glamorous fashion events and working every hour god sends.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

I’m a bit of a milkshake really. On my mother’s side I am Danish and on my father’s side American/Italian/Irish. I am living in London as a recent graduate from London College of Fashion with my boyfriend. I moved to London on a impulse, and I have not regretted. Everything from fashion, culture, people, art and socialising is inspiring to me. I was not always interested in fashion, when I was younger horses were my passion and my key
fashion item would be a pair of navy wellies. It just came to me naturally when I moved to London, the enjoyment of dressing up, and inspiring/being inspired lead me to want to attend the College of Fashion. At the moment I am juggling two part time freelance jobs, as a freelance model scout/fashion event’s organiser half the week, and make-up artist and beauty consultant for Paul & Joe the other.

Career highlights so far?

Organising a fashion show for modelling agency View Management, it was the most inspiring and exhausting experience all at once but when you put all your energy into your work and come out successful it is the most rewarding feeling you can have.

Tell us what reader can expect from your blog?

My blog is aimed at models and fashion enthusiasts. You will come across interviews with top models, my fashion inspirations and top trends. I also offer advice on portfolios, photographers, industry rules and upcoming jobs.

What made you start blogging?

As I have been working in the fashion and modelling industry for three years now, I wanted to give my perspective and views on the industry. I live and breathe this industry but never take things to the extreme. With regards to modelling I would be referring to weight issues in the industry. Being skinny as a model is the trend and I think that clothes look amazing on a slimmer frame, but that said I do not support illness or extreme dieting. So I wanted to start an inspirational blog aimed at young women looking to make it in this industry without taking it to the extreme. There are also key goals that you can achieve by approaching things in a professional and unique manner. When young girls start out they are not always aware that presenting the right kind of book for your portfolio could book you a casting job. Just these kinds of simple steps to help them on their way. My fashion inspiration has been added in as I really enjoy marketing research and keeping up to date with beauty and fashion trends.

Do you have a treasured piece of clothing that you have kept hold of?

Yes my leather jacket by Religion.

Describe the item to us?

The jacket is leather with soft material around a drape neckline. The zips on either side of the neckline creates the full drape look. The leather is soft and authentic.

What is the story behind the item? And why is it special to you?

I brought this jacket at Camden market when I first moved to London in a vintage store called Lost ‘n’ Found. This is arguable the best vintage store in Camden. You can pick up some really amazing bargains and that is where I found my jacket by Religion. I don’t really venture to Camden a lot but when I first moved to London I went there for the clothes markets. I have kept this jacket for such a long time because it has assisted me through many ups and downs. It is one of those items that will boost my confidence on a bad day, funk my look up on a boring day, and represents my style in every way.

What was the last book you read/exhibition you saw?

I just started reading A Girl with a Dragoon Tattoo and the last exhibition was London Fashion Week at Sommerset House and I went to see a collection of Haute Couture dresses by Vivienne Westwood.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

80% of what we stress about never happens. Also red bell bottoms were never cute!

What is your great love in life?

Picking one is not an option. My family, boyfriend, friends are things I treasure every day and I am lucky to be able to surround myself with amazing people.

And lastly tell us an interesting fact or tip?

A tip I always live by would be to always take that one item to the changing room that you say ‘oh that’s not me’…you never know.

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