Wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever we become and however it happens there’s always; consistently and unwaveringly, one person who champions you throughout it all: your mum. The opportunity to give a token of our appreciation of the most wonderful woman most of us will ever know comes around only once a year, so here is a little guide on how to make it extra special.

Mother’s day is the only occasion which is all about the inspirational women in our lives, which gives a licence for it to be extra indulgent and elegant. Every woman loves flowers, and this mother’s day gift is borne from a tradition which dates back hundreds of years. Young maids would have one day off each year, (mothering Sunday) and on their way to their mother’s home they would collect daffodils from the roadside to give as a gift. This tradition lives on and a gift of flowers is still an aptly symbolic token of appreciation to our mothers on this special day. Bouquets of fresh springtime colours and smells bring a lovely brightness and scent to any proud mother’s home.


Another timeless and elegant gift for a beloved mother is a silk scarf; every woman needs a chic silk scarf to finish off any outfit and there is a great variety of colours and prints available to suit all tastes. It’s the type of gift that many people wouldn’t buy for themselves but is greatly appreciated when given as a gift. It is something that can be treasured for years to come, and here at MSL we are all about the treasured items that hold such rich and fond memories and can be worn time and again.

A dilemma that many of us face when searching for the perfect gift for our mothers is what to buy the woman who has everything. In this instance it is always a nice idea to buy her an experience rather than an item. So many of our mothers are so busy looking after everybody else that they rarely get chance to take some time for themselves. There are a whole host of ways to indulge our mothers whilst also getting to spend some quality time together, going to a chic hotel for afternoon tea (or cocktails, depending on her taste) or spending a day pampering in a day spa are great ways to have a little luxury indulgence with our favourite people.


Last but certainly not least, another truly precious way to show appreciation to our mothers is through the gift of a story. Behind the Seams is the perfect way to give your mother a gift that she can treasure forever in the carefully put together story of her favourite item of clothing. The care and attention is something that will live on forever, providing a unique piece of fashion history which is so personal. The only downside is that next year’s gift could never compete.

Jessica Allen-Summers


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