With mother’s day fast approaching here at MSL we thought we’d commemorate the event by celebrating the mother daughter bond in celebrity style. As one of the most iconic mother daughter relationships of our time, Donatella and Allegra Versace fly the flag for fashionable family relations across the globe! Their famous fashion fuelled affiliation brings a humble amount of normalcy to the crazy world they inhabit. In a dedicated homage to the Versace duo we take a glance over their fantastic life and the treasured mother daughter bond which keeps them so grounded.

Founded in 1978 the legendary Versace fashion house has become an iconic name, and the huge success of the recent H&M collaboration has promptly thrust the Versace name right back into the British spotlight. After the tragically premature death of Gianni Versace in 1997, Allegra inherited a staggering 50 percent of the family empire with her mother Donatella and uncle Santo share holding the rest. The 25 year old inherited the huge business share at the tender age of 18 and still to this day carries a vast weight upon very young shoulders. It is here that the precious mother daughter bond helps Allegra to cope with the incredible burden; Donatella is firmly by Allegra’s side acting as both her mother and business partner, together they share the prodigious task of running the colossal fashion empire. Speaking of her daughter’s incredible feat Donatella once said “I’m so proud of Allegra because she’s such a good girl, a mature girl, so together, so good at doing her job as shareholder in the company”.

The relationship between Donatella and Allegra is extremely poignant and incredibly public. Here at MSL we like to treasure the importance of family ties and one thing the Versace’s have proved without doubt is that however famous or removed from ordinary life, the bond between a mother and her daughter can translate worldwide, forsaking all circumstance – it is truly unbreakable. Understandably it is difficult for most of us to relate to such a high profile affiliation but regardless of status or situation the underlying subtext of unconditional love will forever remain the same.

Jenna Jones


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