Yesterday the MSL team came together to celebrate an exclusive preview of their latest product: Behind the Seams.

Prestigious fashion journalists and bloggers were invited from all over London for the preview. Prosecco flowed throughout the day and the most exquisite cupcakes were served on a spectacular wire cake stand. It provided the perfect get away from the cold winter air that swept through the capital.

The main draw of the event was the unveiling of the luxury gift service ‘Behind the Seams’ which until now has been steeped in a cloud of mystery. Packaged in a sophisticated black box, embossed with the golden Semple logo, the product oozes luxury from the first glance. Underneath the beautiful packaging, golden tissue paper envelops the handmade book which is nestled inside ready to be read. The book itself is printed on high quality velvety paper which just makes you want to carry on reading, even after you have finished it all.

It was so lovely to meet everyone and receive their feedback about Behind the Seams. The response we got was excellent and it appears it is not just us who are in love with the concept. This sumptuous and stylish gift really is perfect for anyone who is looking for something unique to give their loved one.

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