Daisy is a 20-year-old London-based Fashion Journalist, she is a twin who has a distinctly quirky personality; Daisy claims to currently have an obsession with “boiled eggs and expensive bedding.” Quirks aside, another obsession is all things fashion and Daisy gets to induldge that passion and live out her dream daily when working for an independent art magazine Ballad Of. During her time at the magazine Daisy has had the privilege of interviewing the likes of photographer Kevin Morosky and Tamara Sariachvili who designs her own fashion line Tosha, making her the envy of young fashionistas everywhere.

Every Fashion Journalist worth her salts has a blog now a days and Daisy is no exception. She and her twin sister Olivia started their blog, BIBLEBLOG five months ago and haven’t looked back since. The original idea was to start a blog that was simply gorgeous to look at (I can confirm that BIBLEBLOG defiantly lives up to expectations in terms of total gorgeousness) Daisy describes the blog as a place where the posts are “short, snappy, and well written, but still a bit of fun.” The blog is a glimpse inside the fashionable minds of the twin sisters and is a platform for all the things they adore. The girls don’t take themselves too seriously, Daisy’s words not mine, and that is what makes their blog so organic and endearing.

All stylish women about town have a special treasured item of clothing that they favour above all others, for Daisy it is her Vivienne Westwood for Melissa heels. “My best friends brought them for me for my 19th Birthday and they are my prize possession” The shoes, which according to daisy “smell delicious”, are a soft lilac colour with giant glossy black hearts on the front. A close second in the running for most treasured item is another Vivienne Westwood creation, her beloved handbag, a birthday gift from her boyfriend. Vivienne Westwood is Daisy’s favourite designer in case you hadn’t already realised. Of course it’s always divine to own a piece from a designer you love, but the real reason the pieces are special, “because they came from my most favourite people in the world and that makes me really happy.”

Daisy clearly values the people most dear to her above all material things, so it is not surprising then to find out that the women that inspire her the most are her grandmothers, Beryl and Joan, “They’re absolutely amazing” daisy gushes, “Between them they can sort out any problem and they always have an apple pie in the oven and a pot of tea on the go. They’re both over 70 but they have more energy than me.”

When Daisy is not pouring her heart and soul into BIBLEBLOG, spending time with loved ones and perfecting her journalistic skills at Ballad Of magazine, she can be found reading the works of all time favourite author Margaret Atwood, or wondering around the V&A a place she describes as the “best place to visit in London for inspiration.”

Visit Daisy’s blog: thingsyoushouldworship.blogspot.com

Sophie Maguire


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