I received an entertaining email this week from a friend working in America. She described her New York hotel with its dozens of glittering Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. Playfully I replied on behalf of England with a picture of two pink funky Christmas trees celebrating a 1970s theme from the Royal Festival Hall, London.

Celebrating achievements is something that we do often and well at MSL. Our team of talented women decided to host a day for fashion bloggers to promote the new MSL Behind the Seams service. Talia, supplied bespoke cupcakes with MSL logo icing; her sister Sophie transformed our Board Room with dressed mannequins, prosecco and goody bags; Leanne documented our day in finely detailed photography; Steph created handmade Behind the Seams books; Grace tweeted and blogged on the hour; and Laura carefully positioned the brand and co-ordinated the whole event. Arriving guests stepped into a magical space that oozed creativity, inventiveness and design quality. I watched the team speak animatedly about why, after much research and testing, MSL Behind the Seams service was ready to be scaled up and I was inspired.

So now I must be bold with my sales pitch. I know that you know a woman who has a favourite item of clothing. Give her a MSL Behind the Seams gift card for Christmas and she will love her garment even more!

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