LFW: Belle Sauvage – A Killer Experience

There is a wintry chill deep in my bones, a headache looms around my temples as a result of my hectic day, which has been set to a background of flashing camera lights and my feet, are by now, definitely feeling the pinch. But I have one more show to attend before I can call it a day and I make a concerted effort to face it with the energy and enthusiasm it deserves.

Yet as I sit on the hard surfaced benches, arranged in their perfect rows, my hopes are less than high. This is until the lights come up and Belle Sauvage instantaneously consumes my imagination and captures my attention.

Forgetting all about my blistered aching feet, I am launched into a Tarantino esq. daydream. Asian influences in abundance hint at a ‘Lucy Liu’ type character straight from a Japanese animation. Hair is poker straight and deathly black, held into high cartoon like bunches, with tinted bangs that just cover the eyes. Heels are towering and stacked; glossy black and patent, these boots look like a weapon in themselves. Do not be fooled by Belle Sauvage’s asiatic fanned head wear and printed silk ensembles, these models come with a hard edge. Elements of street style toughen up the traditional aesthetics – black beanies baring the word ‘goth’ written in a dripping blood typeface, leather accenting and chunky gold belts give a fierce touch. One by one models descend down the catwalk, a stoic look cast across each face – a deadly assassin.

It seems to me, all that is missing is the samurai swords and some of Tarantino’s famed aestheticization of bloody violence.

By Sophie Maguire

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