With the weather warming up as we venture into the summer months – and last weekend an absolute scorcher in many parts of the UK – our thoughts are turning to our wardrobes. And no doubt, to holidays.

When the temperatures begin to rise, it can be tricky to decide what to wear. As it creeps into late teens or early 20s, we’re thinking bare legs and short sleeves. We’re thinking more about fabrics and what can keep us cool as the heat sets to increase as the high summer season beckons.

From light cottons to breezy linens, we tend to stay away from the renowned ‘clammy’ fabrics such as polyester, preferring to wear materials that feel comfortable. Fabrics that don’t make us itch or make us feel warmer as the temperatures increase.

These thoughts heighten further as we think about venturing on holiday to sunnier climes or carefully consider our workwear wardrobe. Colours too, take deliberation. Perhaps you’re a monochromatic magpie to blacks and navy; yet during the summer months these hues notoriously attract the sun, making us feel hotter still.

Let’s think about light fabrics and lighter shades then. Colours that are complementary and fabrics that are soft and weightless to help us through those particularly warm days. While linen is well-known for creasing easily, its ability to cool surely makes a crease or two somewhat worth it. What’s more, it’s the nature of the fabric so it’s almost a case of embracing it. If you feel, however, that it creates an air of dishevelment, especially when you’re travelling, try a fabric blend. Linen and lyocell or cotton will still help to maintain that cooling feeling, but you’ll find it’ll help with minimising the creasing. A perfect fabric for the season ahead, linen continues to be popular – the way it hangs so beautifully off the body and always seems to paint a picture of lazy summer days or relaxing summer holidays makes it a perpetual and perfect choice.

Linen Dress | Karen Millen | £130

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Penzance Linen Trousers | Boden | £75

Linen Blend Wide Leg Trousers | M&S | £45

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