It’s funny, isn’t it, that as you grow older you start to adopt and pick up on different interests and hobbies.

Watching and hearing all about the Chelsea Flower Show this week reminded me of my ever-growing love for gardening. Perhaps it’s finally having a garden that I can call my own, but it’s only recently that I’ve discovered the tranquillity and mindfulness that can come from gardening.

I remember hearing Monty Don on the radio a few months ago and he said the exact same thing – gardening is an escape, a moment you can steal which isn’t consumed by monotonous routines or work. It can help to heal and gives you much needed time to think. Much like our homes, gardens can be just as much a sanctuary, if not more. They are rewarding too – nurturing bulbs and buds and watching them bloom from seedlings to flowers or vegetables.

I was speaking to my friend the other day – who just so happens to work long shifts in a highly stressful environment – and she revealed how relaxing she found it to come home and wander out into their garden and through their newly installed poly tunnel. It can be soothing and cathartic – a welcome release that rewards us for hard work and restores us with hope when small green stems start poking through.

A self-confessed novice, I’m looking forward to learning so much more. To spending Friday nights watching Gardeners World and spending Saturday mornings at the local garden centre. Of finding ideas for different designs and what to plant on Pinterest and going to garden open days with my mum.

Perhaps this is all part of growing up. While I remember having a small garden and modest vegetable patch behind my Wendy House when I was younger, it’s only really when you grow up that perhaps you recognise and really appreciate the power of plants.

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