The sight of a kitten heel sends a shiver down my spine and brings bile to my throat. Extreme reactions maybe, but that’s how much I cannot stand them. There existence beguiles me.

Whenever I encounter a woman sporting a pair of these hideous creations, I find myself asking, “why?” The point of these shoes is beyond me. If you want comfort opt for flats, if you want glamour choose a high heel. High being the operative word. They are called high heels for a reason, not semi heels or low heels, high! So keep it that way.

Take any beautiful shoe, a gorgeous red soled Louboutin or a strappy Jimmy Choo, then hack off inches of the heel and you will be left with my worst nightmare…the half hearted kitten heel, which, in my opinion, are simply good shoes gone bad.

They do nothing for your legs and they can single handily make any woman look old before her time. There are no excuses for a kitten heel. Shoes are an indulgence, a woman’s right; they can make or break an entire outfit. Heels elongate the legs, improve muscle tone and add a certain sashay to your walk, so why on earth would you stunt them. Sure a certain pain is associated with a heel of considerable height, but whoever said being a woman was easy? So ladies, a word to the wise, if you wont go high go home; or at least go flat.

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