On the closing day of LFW, Team Semple queued (for admittedly a bit too long) for the Jena.Theo SS13 collection, Hell’s Angel. Before we even went in and sat down we were exited about this show, as the title was so appealing and intriguing. Trying to guess the meaning behind this collection meant expectations were high and the show was highly anticipated. Fortunately, Jena.Theo didn’t fail to deliver.

The concept behind the collection is based on Hell’s Angel, a woman who is in harmony with her environment and surroundings. ‘She reflects and responds to the world around her with the clothes she wears; the colours, textures, structures’. As soon as the lights dimmed, and the soundtrack began, you were immediately drawn into this concept, taking you to into the depths of the designers imaginations.

It has to be said, this collection was stunning. Heights were reached with the wispy bouffant’s and stone coloured block heels. The designs themselves had an air of calmness about them as the soft citrus and honeycomb colour palette blended together beautifully, and when modelled by the strong selection of models, the designs became so elegant you were left watching in awe.

The collection practised a great range of textures, shapes and silhouettes, from floor length gowns to cropped curve hugging play-suits, loose and free shirts to angular bodices, glass beads and sequins to soft leathers. It was a daring and dimensional collection that was consistent and strong.

Considering the collection was one that deserved the attention of the whole audience, unfortunately the location did not cater for this at all. Despite being in the divine Portico room in Somerset House, the show felt cramped and unfortunately this meant the designs were only seen from the waist up. The stunning collection and great concept was lost within the bodies of the audience and restricted space. I guess those with the best seats in the house were those watching behind the lens.

By Marni Banks

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