Picture this. Four athletically nimble young women, gliding around the rink with the greatest of ease; their deft like elegance admired by the crowd of spectators watching on in admiration…Ok so that might not quite have been how it went down last night, though we can but dream!

Walking through the renowned archways was the Christmas equivalent of stepping into Narnia, as the whole Somerset House courtyard had been transformed into a magical festive playground. After drinking in the sights of the 40ft Fortnum and Mason tree, the magnificent rink, and the larger than life skate sign perched above it, we were geared up and ready to quite literally get our skates on.

TEAMTeam Semple hit the ice

As skate time arrived it soon became apparent that our dancing on ice dreams were to be depressingly crushed. It was certainly much more Bambi on ice than Bolero as we shuffled our way around the rink, despairing as our once pink knuckles turned white from clinging to the edge for dear life! With our dreams shattered but an hour to er…kill on the ice we decided to bite the bullet and give it our best shot as couples, children and what we’re adamant had to be professional figure skaters whizzed past us at a frankly terrifying speed.

CCEditor, Sophie holding on for dear life

SCAREDGraphic Designer, Dulcie and Social Media Manager, Jenna fear for their lives

After 60 minutes of what can only be described as masochistic festive fun we were all thoroughly pleased with ourselves; having survived with 40 fingers and our dignity still intact after not one fall. Yet despite our initial terror we came out of there full of festive joy. The beautiful historical setting, bright lights and comforting christmas carols couldn’t help but put a smile on even the most anti christmas goers faces. And in our opinion – and probably that of the onlookers too – our distinct lack of skating ability made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

weeeAnd they’re off

jjSmiles all round from Jenna and Project Manager Jess

Ice Skating at Somerset House is on until January 11 2015 and tickets are still available so why not make like Torvill and Dean and order yours today.

By Jenna Jones

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