Whilst it’s great to see some sunshine (and we are already starting to daydream about long, sunny afternoons), we would be lying if we said that the thought of shedding layers of heavy knitwear didn’t bring us out in a cold sweat. But now is the time to start getting ready for summer dresses and bare legs, not to mention the return of the mini skirt for SS15. Follow Semple’s four steps to get ready for the hot weather.

Eat healthy

During the winter months we need our comfort food to get us through the rainy days and long nights, but as the days warm up it’s time to start rethinking come meal time.  There’s no need for a crash diet, just make small changes by swapping out chips for some healthy and tasty root vegetables. Forget picking up last minute sandwiches from the shops and instead plan ahead and take in salads for lunch. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring; pick the right stuff and your salad can be packed full of yummy flavours – making your own dressing is also a safer choice to avoid artificial flavours and sweeteners.


Go green

Get active

The longer evenings give us much more opportunity for getting out and active to prepare our bodies for the summer wardrobe we are already constructing in our heads.  You don’t have to go hardcore; even just a brisk walk can start to make a difference. Don’t force yourself into exercise you don’t enjoy because you won’t stick at it.  Finding a fitness buddy can really help too, so grab a friend and get into a fun sport like tennis to get some fresh air and get your heart rate going.


Run forest

Overhaul your wardrobe

We know it’s hard to think about little summer dresses before the mercury has really started rising but now is the best time to get ahead of the fashion game. With early sales and new trends coming in every week, stay ahead of the fashion crowd by mixing in new season items with transitional pieces. Layer a sundress over a roll neck to make it work for now and, if you are feeling daring, give Prada’s layered sock trend a whirl before it’s warm enough to bare those pins.


Sock it to em. Prada SS15

Treat Yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself a bit of a pamper; the winter is tough on our hair, skin and bodies so give them a bit of TLC before stepping out of the shadows. Whether it’s a simple pedicure to get those toes sandal ready or a full on spa day to get yourself buffed and polished, treat yourself to some well-earned rejuvenation. After all, it’s hard work being fabulous all year round!


Pamper time

By Samantha Vandersteen

About the author

Fashion blogger Samantha has been contributing to the Semple blog for over two years now and loves coming up with fresh ideas for her weekly posts. Samantha is an fblogger through and through and enjoys nothing more than writing about fashion, giving her the perfect excuse for extensive ‘research’ through a little retail therapy. When Samantha is not at her day job or writing for Semple she’ll most likely be found binging on Netflix, eating peanut butter or shoe shopping….sometimes all at the same time – multitasker!

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