It’s Halloween, which means it’s time to get creative. I have used a mixture of face paint and basic makeup to create all of the following looks. It’s a great time of year girls to make use of that old eye shadow pallet and that odd coloured lip stick. Get creative and improvise. If it works, use it. No rules apply. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Scull à la Lady Gaga

To create this signature Lady Gaga themed costume for any occasion, all you need is a white face paint (I use snazaroo) and ether a black face paint or a gel liner, and grey eye shadow pallet. Simply apply the white all over the face (this doesn’t have to be perfect) and leave to dry. Next (using a picture for reference) begin by applying the grey to required area – remembering that the darker the shade, the more depth you create.


Half Face

For a half face scull you will need to do half of your face in you everyday ‘party’ makeup. On the other side, repeat the steps in the Lady Gaga face makeup tutorial. Once this is complete, create a zigzag line dividing the ‘scull’ and your face in a white eyeliner pencil. Shading for the scull portion is optimal. Finally take a copper shade of eye shadow and run it parallel, leaving a small space next to the white. This will give the illusion of the skin overlapping.


Creepy Doll

To create a creepy doll, begin with a white base. Add round cycler blush on the apples of your cheeks and apply any ‘doll like’ lipstick only to the centre of your lips in a squashed heart shape. To make the eyes look larger, use a gel lines to draw on ‘eyelashes’ further away from the eye.


Cute Witch

To create this use a green face paint, a white and a grey eye shadow. Highlight and contour as desired. Repeat the doll eyelash trick. Finish off with a beauty mark and you’re done.


Wicked Witch

Using the same base as the cute witch, deepen the contour. Using a picture for reference, add wrinkles using a black gel outline and various green eye shadows. Add white dots with a black ‘C’ shaped line around, to create cartoon moles. Done!


Harley Quinn

Start with a white base. Use a picture for reference. Outline and fill in her mask using black and highlight points using a white shadow. Harshly contour the cheeks and chin to exaggerate that mischievous smile. The lips (and if required the chest) are coloured using red and black face/body paint, on alternate sides.


The Joker

Begin with a white base. Using an image for reference, use a black shadow around the eyes and drag down to meet the bottom of the jaw. Apply a red lipstick to your lips and over draw outward, to create that wide smile. Deepen the centre of the extended lips . If you do not have a wig, you can always use water based body paint to colour your hair, however make sure its is sealed in with a good amount of hairspray and washed out thoroughly.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

To create this look, begin with a white base. Using the same technique as the half scull face, repeat however only on the jaw and neck. Use a reference image (the book cover). Apply red face paint on the crease to create the ripped, zombie affect. Deepen the sockets with a light grey shadow to appear more ‘dead’.


Seraphine Beautiful Creatures

Begin with a white base. Use a reference image. Darken around the eye sockets using a black shadow. Create the branching affect on the chest by using a gel liner and brush or a black face paint. Start from one stem and work out. The more branches the better it looks.


Words and Make-up By Katy Templeton

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