One of the many things I’ve missed while I’ve been at university is my dog. That fluffy face, those loving eyes and waggy tail – bundles of joy, wrapped up in puppy cuddles and walks. Myself and my housemates would love nothing more than to have a dog of our own, one that will sit by our feet while we write our essays and get us out of the house on long wintery walks. But a dog is for life and not just University, and this is exactly where Borrow My Doggy came in.


An amazing concept, born from the love of dogs and the understanding that there are hundreds of owners across the UK that have to go to work, but also hundreds of willing volunteers who will walk and look after those owner’s dogs in the meantime.

I first found out about this project on Facebook, a few of my family and friends had liked the page and it intrigued me (to be honest anything including dogs will intrigue me) and my mind was blown open; how did I not know about this sooner?! I immediately signed up and created my profile, but before I could interact with any owners I had to become ‘verified’ a crucial part of this companies safety checks – they’ll make sure that your name, address, photo and phone number match up before you can start borrowing any pooches.

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Your verification also covers any dogs that you’ll look after under 3rd party insurance – to put not only the owners, but your mind at ease! Every step of the process has been thoroughly thought out and you can feel the passion behind this simple idea.

The first message I received was from the owner of a 16 month old Beagle named Charlie. A gorgeous puppy with the most expressive eyes and unrelenting energy. We met last month when I joined him on one of his morning walks with his owners. On my days off of Uni Charlie gets dropped off at mine in the morning while his owners head off to work, we play, walk and nap until he’s picked up on their way home.



Now don’t get me wrong it’s not all squeaky toys and treats, he has his moments of sheer stubbornness and naughtiness – he’s already chewed his way through an air fresher and multiple pairs of socks, but he’s also a lot of fun. So to anyone not yet ready or able to fully commit to owning their own dog, help someone out and borrow theirs, believe me it feels great!

By Talia Maguire

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