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It wasn’t until I started to suffer with eczema badly that I considered natural products, whether it be for hygiene or for beauty. The idea of putting chemicals on my skin isn’t so appealing anymore and ever since that revelation of mine, I haven’t looked back. Here are three of my main ‘natural tricks’ I’ve discovered and I’d like to share with you all.
Coconut oil is the first natural product I praise so highly, and it’s most likely one you ladies have heard of many times. Coconut oil has a multitude of health benefits which are not limited to skin care, but also hair care, cooking, improving digestion, promoting immunity against infections, diseases and much more. I’ve been using coconut oil for the past 6 months initially to condition my hair and now, I wouldn’t consider using a normal conditioner. By just rubbing a little coconut oil between the palms of my hands and massaging it through my brushed hair, then leaving it wrapped in a towel overnight, I wash off the oil the next morning with my normal shampoo. Drying my hair is now a dream, because I don’t have to brush through dreaded knots anymore and, even better, my hair is always left with a gorgeous sheen. As time has gone on, I’ve discovered the many other benefits of coconut oil such as ‘oil pulling’. A technique used by many health-conscious celebrities, oil pulling is simply swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil around the mouth for around 15 minutes essentially to draw toxins out of the body. Having suffered with eczema my whole life – though thankfully much better now – I like to know that I am detoxing my body daily, and I find oil pulling is a great way to practice this. In return, my teeth have become whiter and, call it the placebo effect, but overall I feel better.
Another natural product I speak highly of is milk thistle. I’d like to call this a hangover remedy, because if you don’t want to lay in bed the next morning with a hideous headache as you try to stomach a fry-up, then milk thistle is the way to go. I personally take 20 drops of milk thistle in a little water twice daily to improve my skin, as milk thistle is a well-known detoxifier for the body and seems to work wonders for eczema. But, to suppress the dreaded morning-after symptoms of over-indulging in alcohol, digesting milk thistle before and after drinking can really do the trick.
As well as all the above, castor oil is a god-send. After losing a lot of hair years ago, I wish I’d found castor oil sooner. A highly affordable product, castor oil is a natural oil that promotes hair growth, as long as you buy the cold-pressed version. In the mornings and just before I go to bed, I use my fingertips to massage a small amount of castor oil onto my eyebrows to help them grow thicker, darker and also to fill out gaps and sparseness that my eczema left years back. I have only been using castor oil for a week or so, but I can already see a difference and it really is incredible. My eyebrows are a little darker and they are definitely growing faster than usual. However, this is a product I can’t speak of too much yet as it has of course only been a week, but I’ll definitely be taking some before and after photos that I will blog about in a few months to show any progress.
I can’t make claims that I live and eat ‘pure’, but I do know that introducing these natural remedies into my life have made me look and feel better, which is good enough for me.
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Having secured a creative writing place at Surrey University, Hannah’s inquisitive personality got the better of her as she was drawn towards an award-winning post-production company in the first working days of her life. The youngest of the Semple team, you could say that a realistic insight into the media industry moulded her into the confident, down-to-earth blondie she is today. A chocoholic, who was once known to pack 38 tops for 2 weeks in Fuerteventura, Hannah can often be found soaking up the latest health & beauty tutorials, partaking in retail therapy or enjoying some good Mexican food with friends. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that when the world beckons, Hannah will embrace it with arms wide open (and blog about it too!).

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