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Now the first thing you absolutely must do in order to survive not being at Glastonbury this weekend is cry; because I know you tried so hard to bag a ticket, I know you’ve been mentally planning your festival attire and I know you hate yourself right now and I feel your pain. But once the tears are shed pick yourself up and brush yourself off, there’s always next year right? Glastonbury organiser, Emily Eavis, has already let slip that the 2016 headliners are booked!glastonbury festival

I’d like to say we’re all in this together – High School Musical style, but we simply are not! 175,000 people who call themselves our friends and family have left us behind in search of hedonistic nights and fun, music filled days while we’re stuck at home watching the festival highlights from our sofas. Come Monday when my boyfriend returns bronzed, dirty, and beaming after having his wicked way with Glastonbury I can not, and will not, pretend to still love him. I’m way too jealous.

Glastonbury pyramid stage

So to all of us left behind, what are we to do? We can wallow in self-pity, we can dream of better days or we can get up and get out. Take a trip to the city, go for lunch somewhere new, discover a new band and listen in the sunshine. You could even buy yourself a crate of ‘tinnies’ and relish in having the option of keeping them cold, rather than the usual tent-warm beverage you would be drinking if you had actually been at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury mud

Have as many showers as you want, and hey look there’s no queue for your very own, very clean toilet! Finally after a weekend that your bank account won’t scream at you for you can return to work next week relaxed and rested while the Glasto-goers – all burnt and broken will come back down to earth with a thud, no amount of coffee can save them now!


Image courtesy of Unreality TV

Not being at a festival you really, really wish you had tickets for can be the most soul destroying thing to happen to a music lover. But you can either get excited and start planning for future festivals or lock yourself away this weekend, either way Glastonbury is upon us…there is no escape!

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